Seems to be a reasonable question.

Several things come to mind:

  • I need a place to link to things I continually talk too much about, like movies or recipes or nutrition.
  • I need a place to keep notes about the code I sometimes write (and rewrite and rewrite).
  • No one wants to hear me babble on about things that are important to me and yet I still want to talk about them, like that collection of miscreants running our government/lives.
  • I want to keep Facebook from controlling my content. If I'm going to bother to write something or try to be clever or whatever, I don't want to have to manage it there. And I don't want them to manage it for me.
  • Hopefully it'll be an easier place to keep photos I want to share without having them manipulated by someone else. For example - to prove that at one time I had hair.
  • I also want to make sure that I am never tempted to run for office. This blog ought to do that just fine.

So, probably a waste of time, but by all means a better place to rant than Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or the Next Big Social Media Thing to help the next 28 year old billionaire sell advertising.