There are some hard to find solutions for reflection issues that work on both .NET 4.61 and .Net Core 1.1

I'm just putting there here so I can find them again.

Turning a collection of objects into a List of objects

List<object> entityList = (objCollection as IEnumerable<object>).Cast<object>().ToList();

Getting an attribute from a class when you only have an instance (Core & 4.61)

HtmlClass = entity.GetType().GetTypeInfo().GetCustomAttribute<MergeableContentAttribute>().HtmlClass

Reinstantiating an object from it's name and JSON string

var qualifiedName = Type.GetType(message.NotificationObject.Name);
var objectForNotification =  (ObjectForNotification)JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(message.NotificationObject.SerializedObject, qualifiedName);