The App: An Idea

The App: An Idea

The idea for this project came from talking to one of my sons who is a small business owner.

He was describing a small service that he offered his customers that had an unusually high amount of work associated with it.

So low revenue and high cost to him, but high value to his customers. Pretty much a worst case scenario for any small business owner, but not uncommon. Gotta have it, but a huge pain in the ass.

Then he tells me that it has to be an app, not a website, but it has to have a website, too.

Oh, and it has to run in the Apple ecosystem and the Android ecosystem and in a browser. All browsers, actually.

And it has to be fairly inexpensive because it will be associated with a small revenue activity.

So the challenge here is to affordably build an application with a 62 year old solo developer in an era of completely fractured platforms, including:

  • iPhones, iPads and Macs - most models
  • Android phones and tablets
  • Windows desktops

Naturally, he doesn't think Windows Phones are anything we should bother with. Naturally, it's the phone I'm using.