The App: Client Tool Selection

The App: Client Tool Selection

I was out for bit on a sailing vacation with my sister and her family. Really awesome bit of time off.

Just before I left, I'd built some projects (very small ones) with Xamarin to see if it lived up to its advertising (and to make sure I could do it).

Frankly, I was blown away by the fact that it really did work. I could write C# and deploy to Android and Windows Phone and Windows Presentation Foundation apps easily. I actually had to stop for a minute and think about it. I haven't purchase an Apple product yet so I have gotten that deep, but I'm confident that works, too.

I wasn't thrilled with the $1,000 per year price tag, but I resolved that I would sign up when I returned from sailing.

And then, while on vacation, Microsoft finalized their purchase of Xamarin and decided to give it away for free. Saving the money was great, but the vision statement they made by doing that tells us much. Well done, guys.

Xamarin it is.