Cable and Internet

Our internet situation is a challenge.

When we bought the house, there was a Uverse router in the basement. I figured that was sub optimal, but it would do.

Trying to activate the service prior to moving in AT&T informed me that I was eligible for "lightspeed" service. Turns out that was maxed out at 768k download speeds.

So I called the cable guys at Brighthouse and Comcast and was told no about a dozen times. Houses everywhere around me have cable, but not me.

I hooked up with Sprint and DirecTv so now we have services. Internet is capped at 120GB per month and 15MB download speeds. Combine the two and I'm paying $430 per month. Living the disco lifestyle in the woods is expensive.

Lately I heard that Comcast was going to pull cable down our street and that maybe I'd be able to finally get some cost effective speed. So I called them. They made me wait a week and then told me that it was Brighthouse that was the local supplier.

So I called Brighthouse and finally got a really nice lady to return my call.

Their stuff ends north of the highway and is over a mile away. Tunneling under I-465 means expensive permits from the state, so we're looking at about $60,000 in costs to do job. They could waive the fee if they can connect to 100 homes.

There's about 8 homes here.

I need to call someone at Comcast and figure out if they ever plan to pull something past my house other than their trucks on the way to someone else's house.


Cable and Internet
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